Successfully navigate the business growth maze with ScaleUPCheckUP™!!

Are you ready to ScaleUP your business, avoid the “now what’s”, develop strong exit strategies, and ignite rapid growth?

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ScaleUPCheckUP = Strategies + Professionals + Support


Internationally-acclaimed legal and business strategist, speaker and author Lauren Cohen, Esq., has built a system designed to help business owners like YOU achieve YOUR goals – simply and strategically, through a vetted network of professionals. 

Do you know Business owners that struggle with building a strong foundation that is key to scaling? We built ScaleUPCheckUP™ to serve as the GPS for their businesses. We uncover gaps so you can avoid risk and bulletproof your business. We offer solutions to fill the gaps and help you ScaleUP, increase profits and ignite growth while building lucrative exit strategies.


Our 3-step ScaleUPCheckUP™ Success System (Assess/Diagnose/Deliver) undertakes a 7-point inspection your business’s gaps in the most critical areas that, if ignored, could lead to disaster, specifically:

1. Funding & Capitalization 

2. Business Planning (mission, vision, exit strategy) 

3. Branding & Marketing 

4. Legal & Compliance

5. Financial & Taxes

6. Operations/Systems & Security

7. Insurance & Licensing


Don’t try to do it all yourself – your success depends staying in your lane and doing what you do best – building your business – and let our team provide the expertise and know-how that you need in the other lanes.


ScaleUPCheckUP™ is endorsed by:

CEO Space
partner-American Immigration Lawyers

Small Businesses In The Past Year Failed Due To Lack Of Cash Flow
Small Business In The Last Year Failed Due To Being Unable To Obtain Financing
Small Business In The Last Year Failed Due To Not Having A Solid Legal Foundation

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