4 Essential Marketing Principles for Top-Line Growth

If you’ve spent a long time working in the business world, it might seem like you’ve heard every strategy to bolster your company’s foundation – yet you still remain exposed! – and the simple truth is that strengthening your value and accelerating your growth is easier than it’s ever been before – with ScaleUPCheckUP™!!

Work with an Advisor that You Trust

A business advisor can provide substantial benefits to companies of any size, but they’re particularly helpful when you’re in a period of growth — these times can be stressful and at times you won’t know what to do, but that’s where your adviser comes in. It’s important to work with an advisor that you trust to Bulletproof Your Business (i.e.: the team at ScaleUPCheckUP™). And don’t forget that loyalty and commitment can be confirmed by offering your advisor equity in your business as well (talk to us about this option!).

User Experience First

It can be hard to see how a customer interfaces with your business from the top — for that reason, it’s vital to put effort into making the consumer’s experience easier and more positive. In the modern era, this mostly comes from well-designed social media and online interfacing. Website design is particularly important in keeping customers interested. For example, if you aren’t careful about some aspects of web design, it has been estimated to cost you up to 88% of return sales!

Remember the ‘7 Ps’

Formerly the ‘4 Ps’ of marketing, these guidelines for assessing a new product or promotion utilize a set of factors to check the product have become a common method of evaluating a new offering’s potential.

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Promotion
  4. Place
  5. Packaging
  6. Positioning
  7. People

Checking a planned product against this rubric can help to fill gaps in the item’s viability and improve the marketing process.

Consider New Strategies

The business world is relatively stuck in their ways, and that’s just one reason that utilizing novel strategies gives you a head-up over the competition — try implementing a streamlining strategy or production leveling to increase the leanness of your expenditures and turn your profits into pure growth. Some of these systems require a fair amount of training and implementation for your workforce to deploy effectively, but the results can’t be denied.

Whether you’re a business owner who’s looking to inspire a period of growth to strengthen your company or increase the value before you sell, implementing these marketing principles can give you the edge you need to ignite growth and a lucrative exit!

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