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Real reviews from real clients:

Having a good quarterback who truly gets it – who understands the whole picture, listens to you and can guide you through the process properly is huge and makes your life so much better! For us, Lauren Cohen and her team of experts made all the difference and we are forever indebted and grateful to her!
Jeff Greenberg
President, Concept Plus Inc.
I want the world to know how great you are. You are amazing, knowledgeable, straightforward, friendly and very professional. I am truly honored to be working with you to grow my brand and retail (and wholesale) business. With your guidance and expertise. You NAILED IT with the ScaleUPCheckUP Success Plan! Thank you!
Eva H
SoAwk, Creator & Owner

What we do for you: The ScaleUPCheckUP™ Success System


Take a look at the inner workings of your business to create maximum cashflow


Pinpoint your business's weak spots with our deep dive - the SCALEUPCHECKUP SUCCESS PLAN


Make it happen with services provided by our network of high-touch vetted professional advisors

ScaleUPCheckUP is a global trusted resource network of pre-vetted and certified professional advisors serving the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to bulletproof their businesses.

ScaleUPCheckUP’s mission is to use our proprietary scored assessment tool and 3-step ScaleUPCheckUP Success System to identify and redress gaps in a business owner’s armor so they can ScaleUP painlessly and ultimately exit lucratively and successfully.