ScaleUPCheckUP™ – A revolutionary online business health assessment!

ScaleUPCheckUP™ – Bulletproofing Your Business!

Protection and a strong foundation are KEYS to success for any

Trying to raise capital? Expand? Sell your business? ScaleUP Enterprises and our proprietary ScaleUPCheckUP™ business growth assessment tool can SHOW YOU THE $$ – NOW!!! 

We get that it’s tough to raise capital in today’s competitive environment and equally challenging to ensure your business attracts the right price when it’s time to sell.

ScaleUPCheckUP™ guides business owners in building strong exit strategies, improving valuation, securing funding & igniting rapid growth.

ScaleUPCheckUP™s Toolbox for Business Owners helps you achieve your goals simply and strategically.  We offer a one-stop solution for busy entrepreneurs who need the help of Professional Business Advisors Our ScaleUPCheckUP signature success formula includes the following steps:

  1. ASSESS using our quiz & assessment tools
  2. DIAGNOSE with our deep dive ScaleUPCheckUP™ Success Plan
  3. DELIVER through our network of high-touch vetted professional advisors

ScaleUPCheckUP™ is for business owners:

✔️ Who want their businesses to be built on a strong foundation for growth

✔️ Seeking to expand and/or raise capital

✔️ That want to ensure a successful exit 

ScaleUPCheckUPÔ offers a proprietary, harmonized approach to filling all of your professional service needs expertly.


  • The ScaleUPCheckUP™ team works with entrepreneurs and small business owners in growth mode (i.e. between $500K -$5M in revenues) striving to protect and grow their businesses by first identifying vulnerabilities including :
    • Legal
    • Accounting
    • Financial services
    • Insurance
    • Risk Management
    • Succession planning
    • Systems
    • Payroll & HR
    • Website & Marketin
    • Other areas
  • Our expert team will work with you and your business to develop a customized Professional Resource Strategic Plan™, to identify and provide solutions for the identified vulnerabilities in a strategic manner that is both realistic and affordable.

The ScaleUPCheckUP™ services are available directly from ScaleUPCheckUP™ and through the ScaleUPCheckUP™ Ambassador Network, as well as from and through certain independent professional service providers (e.g., lawyers and law firms, CPA’s and CPA firms, insurance agencies, financial advisors, etc.).


  • The ScaleUPCheckUP™ team will develop, and subsequently work with you collaboratively to Implement a game plan customized for your business through our network of independent professional service providers affiliated with our ScaleUPCheckUP Ambassador Network.
  • All ScaleUPCheckUP Ambassador service providers have pledged to:
    • Respect a fiduciary standard in serving our members
    • Adhere to our network guidelines and procedures regarding client relations, policies and procedures, and standards of care
    • Be transparent in terms of fees and other charges
    • Cooperate and collaborate with other ScaleUPCheckUP™ Ambassador Network partners in serving clients so as to ensure that the holistic goals are achieved
    • Achieve seamless short- and long-term business solutions focused on sustainability and success
  • Utilizing an online dashboard, ScaleUPCheckUP™ Ambassadors and Vendors are obligated to report on their progress, and members can track progress in realizing the goals of the customized Professional Resource Strategic Plan that ScaleUPCheckUP™ developed for your business.
  • The ScaleUPCheckUP™ team serves as your advocate in realizing the game plan.
    • We periodically check in with you and with Network professionals to better ensure that all parties are satisfied with the relationship and to verify that satisfactory progress is being made.
    • Have a problem in working with a Network professional? Problems with the progress of your game plan?- CONTACT US!



  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners seeking to protect & grow their businesses


  • Network of licensed professionals that can build (or re-build) your business foundation, all of whom have been pre-vetted and are ScaleUPCheckUP™ – certified tasked GET IT DONE – RIGHT! 


  • A hand-selected network of essential strategic partners for your business, all of whom have been pre-vetted and are ScaleUPCheckUP™-certified ranging from human resources to marketing to website development.


  • Believing strongly that a well-informed business owner is the best client, ScaleUPCheckUP™ provides a platform for Network professionals to publish blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts. These materials and services are made available as membership privileges to ScaleUPCheckUP™ members.